The Auditorium and Seminar Hall should be exclusively used for academic conferences and scientific meetings, and will not be allowed, under any circumstances, for any other purpose, including training programmes, faculty/student gatherings. Booking will be done on priority basis. However, if any adjustments are required, they will be made based on priority of the events. Booking will be taken care of the Dean's Office in consultation with the Auditorium & Seminar Hall Committee. Booking will be accepted only after the payment of user charges in advance. The Faculty /Staff who booked the facility would be responsible for the upkeep of the facility during the period (including equipment's of Auditorium and Seminar Hall.) At any given time, the booking will be done for two to four days only. No food/drinks will be allowed into the Auditorium and Seminar Hall. User Charges The committee recommended the following user charges for the Auditorium and Seminar Hall. Auditorium Rs. 3000/- per day for faculty of Life Sciences. Rs. 5000/- per day faculty of non-Life Sciences, but under UoH. For all other events and conferences sponsored by other funding bodies, Rs. 10,000/- per day will be charged. Seminar Hall For Pre-Ph.D. seminars for SLS: Rs. 500/- for two hours. For visiting faculty/scientist talks/colloquiums of Life Sciences: Rs. 2000/- per day For faculty of non-Life Sciences and Schools of University: Rs. 2,500/- per day, and For all other events and conferences, sponsored by other funding bodies, Rs. 7,000/- per day will be charged.

  • Faculty In-charge: Prof Bramanandam Manavathi
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  • Contact No: 914023134546