The Genomics Facility at School of Life Sciences, University of Hyderabad, is an important core facility of the School. It provides infrastructure and service support for research needs of scientists in the area of high-throughput genomics. We provide the following services in the facility on payment basis: Sample Preps: DNA and RNA extractions, Plasmid preps. QC for RNA, DNA, and High-throughput Sequencing Libraries. Real-time PCR and gene expression, genotyping, melt curves, etc. Microarray Gene Expression (Agilent platform). Eukaryote Cell Transfection & Prokaryote cell Transformation (BTX Gemini X2 System). Bioluminescence Assays using Luminometere (Promega GloMax-96 microplate). Access to Instrumentation and Software. Electroporation System, BTX Gemini Systems. Focused - Ultra Sonicator, Covaris M220. Light Cycler 480II, Roche. The Genomics Facility provides services for gene expression and genotyping studies utilizing microarray and real time PCR, and related services to researchers within the University and beyond. The facility also provides access to instruments, equipment and software utilized within the microarray field and supports Agilent and other microarray platforms. In addition, the facility can also print custom microarrays utilizing cDNA, oligonucliotides, proteins, peptides, antibodies, cell lysates, siRNAs, and other types of biological materials. This facility has been used regularly for past eight years to impart training to students, post docs and junior faculty within UoH School of Life Sciences (SLS-UoH). More importantly, the facility has significantly improved the research output from UoH during the past few years. However, an important mandate of this infrastructure is training of junior and mid-career faculty from State universities and colleges. We have already conducted more than 50 workshops targeting State University faculty during past 5 years. The workshops not only included hands on training for UGC staff college participants which were primarily lecturers/faculty from several State Government Universities but also training and providing research support to international students who regularly visit UOH under exchange programs such as IRTG, DAAD, etc. Thus the facility has successfully achieved its mandate to: Disseminate technology related to new developments in the field of genomics. Ensure improvement of skills and teaching qualities in state universities and colleges by imparting theoretical and practical training to teachers. To facilitate young researchers in state universities/ colleges to commence important research projects of relevance to their respective state/Union territories.

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