Department of Biochemistry

About Department:
Biochemistry is a central basic discipline to all branches of Biology/ Life Sciences. It deals with the chemical nature, function, structure, energetic and pathways of synthesis and degradation of simple to complex biological and/or cellular molecules to understand the various aspects of cellular and molecular functions in development, health and disease with applications in Biotechnology and Medicine.

The Department of Biochemistry at the University of Hyderabad, with 13 faculty having on an average of 4-5 years postdoctoral research experience in some of the world’s premier laboratories, offers primarily M.Sc Biochemistry, a two year post graduate degree and Ph.D (Doctor of Philosophy) in Biochemistry. The faculty have earned several National and International distinctions in terms of fellowships and awards. It is one of the most vibrant and visible Departments among the Indian Universities, be that in terms of its location, the competition for admission to the M.Sc Programme, student to faculty ratio, teaching experience of the faculty, publications, extra mural research grants/ support the faculty generates from National and International Organizations, and in terms of infrastructural facilities. In addition, the faculties are able to forge collaboration in the new and interdisciplinary research areas such as Nanobiology, Medical Biotechnology, and Systems Biology etc. On an average 40-50% of our students are qualified in their first attempt of national entrance examinations conducted by CSIR, UGC, ICMR, etc., for research fellowships and for higher studies abroad. The Department attracts several distinguished scientists/ researchers from abroad who are ready to lecture or give seminars on cutting edge research areas in modern Biology.