Department of Biochemistry

Funded by DST-FIST and UGC-SAP-DRS programs the Department of Biochemistry is renowned for its teaching programs and cutting-edge research activities. The department offers M.Sc., PhD, and Integrated M.Sc.-PhD programs. The primary aim of these academic programs is to train students to ask important scientific questions as well as providing them with the wherewithal and knowledge for finding the relevant solutions to these problems. We lay special emphasis on analytical and critical thinking, knowledge creation and discovery. Focussed research programs in various fields of modern biology make the department a hub of basic fundamental research and an emerging epicentre for translation research. The research activities in the Department of Biochemistry revolve around the following broad areas: (i) Genome maintenance, organization and expression; (ii) Protein synthesis, homeostasis, structure-function correlation and engineering; (iii) Organelle biogenesis and trafficking of macromolecules; (iv) Intra-cellular communication, cancer biology and stem cell development; (v) Infectious diseases and host-pathogen interactions; (vi) Bioinformatics and computational biology and (vii) Natural and engineered biological sensors, cellular dynamics and imagin