Department of Systems and Computational Biology

The Department of Systems and Computational Biology (DoSCB) (erstwhile Virtual Centre for Systems Biology) is the fifth department in the School of Life Sciences. It was established as per the statute 17(5)(a)&(b) of University of Hyderabad based on a resolution passed by its Executive Council on 30th September 2018.

The faculty from this department are involved in teaching Genomics, Computational Biology, Mathematics & Statistics and Systems Biology courses to not only IntMSc(Syst Biol) but also to the students of MSc. (Biotechnology) and MTech (Bioinformatics) from the sister departments. In a symbiont manner, the sister departments of School of Life Sciences and other science schools have also been offering other courses that span core biology courses, computational neurobiology, statistcal physics, machine learning & data analytics to the students of IntMSc (Syst Biol)).

To offer world class training to Masters and Ph.D. students in the field of Systems and Computational Biology

Explore spatio-temporal organization of different biomolecular components, their regulation and interactions that give rise to different emergent properties of living systems in different milieu and niche

MS-1: To provide education that commensurate  with high international standard in the area of computational and systems biology

MS-2: To carry out research in the frontier areas of computational and systems biology

MS-3: To develop novel tools/protocols/pipelines to help advance research and development in the allied areas of research
MS-4: To collaborate with premier research institutes/universities to advance interdisciplinary research
MS-5: To help/assist underprivileged institutions and universities to undertake academic and R&D activities in the areas of computational and systems biology

Dr. Shekhar Mande

Former Director General CSIR; Director, Vigyanana Bharathi

Prof. Rajiv Varshney

Murdoch University, Australia

Prof Kambadur Muralidhar

Prof Muralidhar, a retired professor from Delhi University, is a well-known Indian Biologist and an esteemed academician. He has been well known for his seminal works in Biochemistry, endocrinology and reproductive biology. He is a fellow of all three prestigious academies of India and a recipient of many awards.