Department of Animal Biology

About the Department of Animal Biology:
The Department of Animal
Biology, formerly known as the Department of Animal Sciences, was established
in 1993, under the umbrella of the School of Life Sciences. The primary focus
of the Department of Animal Biology is to impart knowledge in biomedical sciences
at the highest level of excellence and to advance the frontiers of biology
through innovative research programs. Since the inception, the Department has
been rich in traditional biological sciences and at the same time continues to
recognize the new developments in biological research. The Department had and
continues to have an esteemed faculty with diverse cutting-edge research
programs: Developmental Biology, Immunobiology, Reproductive Endocrinology,
Neurobiology, Chronobiology, Cancer Biology, Infection Biology, Microbiology,
Chromatin dynamics and Systems Biology of the
Cell. The broad base of faculty expertise combined with the state-of-the-art
laboratories creates an environment that fosters innovation and advancement in
science and technology.