List of the instruments at Metabolomics Facility LC-MS/MS Q-Tof GC-MS Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometer Instrument Details Make : Agilent technologies, USA Model : 6520-Accurate Mass Q-TOF LC/MS. Specification : Direct Infusion Mass with ESI Positive & Negative mode ionization, mass ranging from 50 to 3200 m/z HPLC PDA Detector -Mass spectrometer Working Principles: Liquid chromatography / Mass Spectroscopy (LC / MS) is a technique which combines high performance liquid chromatography HPLC, a powerful analytical separation technique with mass spectrometry, a powerful analysis & detection technique. There is a common atmospheric pressure ionization (API) LC/MS process: Electrospray Ionization (ESI). API processes are also compatible with most mobile phase solvents (volatile) & volatile buffers. Main Features of the Instrument: Mass Range: 50-3200 m/z Resolution: 20000 FWHM High Mass Accuracy (Typically less than 2ppm) High Sensitivity Ionization Method : ESI positive & negative Direct Infusion for Mass Analysis (MS, MS /MS) MS/MS function: A. Sample Injection B. Ionization C. Fragmentation (CID) D. Ions travel through Quadruple and Time flight tube and reach the detector on the basis of their m/z value. Applications Qualitative Analysis Quantitative Analysis Impurity Profiling Metabolite Studies Pharmacokinetics Pharma & biomedical applications: Gas Chromatograph with high resolution Mass Spectrometer (GC-HRMS) Instrument Details Make of MS : LECO Model : Pegasus HT TOF MS Specifications : EI Source Time of Flight Analyzer Mass range -50 - 1000 amu Mass resolution - 1000 Make of GC : Agilent: 7890 A gas-chromatograph coupled with mass spectrometer (GC-MS) is a combined analyzer that has a superior ability in analyzing organic compounds qualitatively and quantitatively. User Instructions: Expected accurate mass can be provided. Solvent for mobile phase should be mentioned or solubility of compound in volatile solvent should be given. At present C8, C18 & others like cyano, amino, Si columns are available. You can submit the column of your interest for separation or repeatability of HP-LC run. Source of the compound should be mentioned. MS-DS (Material Safety Data Sheet) should be given along with samples to ensure that there are no toxic sample being given. Samples should not be toxic or hazardous. Samples will not be accepted unless accompanied by MS-DS. User Charges: User Charges of Metabolomics Facility: LC-MS /MS-Q-TOF, LC-MS/MS (ESI): Students of UOH: Rs.1500/- per sample. Students from other educational institutions: Rs.3000/- per sample. Persons from Industries: Rs.4500/- per sample. GC-MS, Library:NIST, GC_MS/MS Students of UOH: Rs.1000/- per sample. Students from other educational institutions: Rs.2000/- per sample. Persons from Industries: Rs.4000/- per sample.

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