Faculty Details

Faculty Details

  • Name: Dr. Radheshyam Maurya
  • Mail: rmusluohyd.ernet.in
  • Contact: 04023134532
  • Area Of Research:Host Pathogen Interaction, Mechanism of Drug Resistance and Drug Discovery

Visceral leishmaniasis (VL) is a life-threatening disease characterized by uncontrolled parasitization in the spleen, liver, and bone marrow of the host. We have first demonstrated that natural CD4+CD25+ (Foxp3high) T reg cells in human VL did not accumulate in the spleen and were not a major source of IL-10. We also first time demonstrated that leptin deficiency during Leishmania infection as a result of malnutrition impaired the T cell-mediated immunity and indices the host protective Th1 type cytokine response in macrophages suggesting its immunomodulatory role. Leptin treatment protects L. donovani infection through the classical macrophage activity and induces a T-cell mediated immune response in malnutrition coupled VL. We also identified the anti-leishmanial and immunomodulatory activities of Withania somnifera leaf extract, Withaferin-A and Neem leaf extract in both in-vitro and in-vivo model of VL. The studies reveal that phytochemicals have a potential scope with minimal side effects compared to the conventional treatment regime. Very recently, we also identified the Miltefosine resistance gene in the Leishmania parasite. We are trying to understand the mechanism of Infection and Immunity in VL, drug-resistant mechanism, identification of the new drug, and diagnostic markers. 

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Students/Projects Trainees

Name Joined As Mail Contact
Moodu Devender Research Scholar devendernayak369@gmail.com ---
Madhulika Namdeo Research Scholar madhulikanamdeo92@gmail.com ---
Prince Sebastian Research Scholar princecell1@gmail.com ---
KRISHAN KUMAR Research Scholar krishanandc2013@gmail.com ---
Anjali Anand Research Scholar anjalianand763@gmail.com ---

Former Students/Projects Trainees

Name Joined As Working
Dr. S. Chandrasekaran Research Scholar http://koshylab.arizona.edu
Dr. Jalaja Veronica Research Scholar
Dr. Dayakar Alti Research Scholar
Dr. Bharadwaja Vadloori Research Scholar Bio-Nest, SLS, UoH
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16 Bharadwaja Vadloori, A. K. Sharath, N. Prakash Prabhu, Radheshyam Maurya* (2018) , Homology modelling, molecular docking, and molecular dynamics simulations reveal the inhibition of Leishmania donovani dihydrofolate reductase-thymidylate synthase enzyme by Withaferin-A , BMC Research Notes, BMC Group,11,246,1-7 IF - 1.6.
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