Faculty Details

Faculty Details

  • Name: Prof. Anita Jagota
  • Mail: ajsluohyd.ernet.in
  • Contact: 04023134592
  • Area Of Research:Neurobiology, Neurodegeneration and Brain Aging, Molecular Chronobiology
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Students/Projects Trainees

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MINURANI DALAI PhD Scholar ranidalaiminu@gmail.com ---
MOHAMAD SULTAN KHAN PhD Scholar mohmmadsultankhan@gmail.com 7006821778
SUSHREE ABHIDHATRI SHARMA PhD Scholar 17laph04@uohyd.ac.in ---
ZEESHAN AKHTAR KHAN PhD Scholar 17laph10@uohyd.ac.in 8294459820
SANTOSH KUMAR DAS PhD Scholar santoshkumardas424@gmail.com ---
REVATHI M PhD Scholar revathikamuthi@gmail.com ---
RACHITA PATTANAIK Project Student (M.Sc) rachita8888@gmail.com ---
PRATIVA MAHANTA Project Student (M.Sc) prativamahanta53@gmail.com ---

Former Students/Projects Trainees

Name Joined As Working
Ch VINOD PhD Scholar Assistant Professor at KIIT University, Odisha, India
PATRICK SOSCHINSKI Overseas Project Student (Germany)
KAROLIN KLEEMANN Overseas PG Project Student (Germany)
MARIE TOVELILL BALDENIUS Overseas PG Project Student (Germany)
ANNA Overseas Project Student (Germany)
ADRIAN Overseas Project Student (Germany)
Mirza Shafiulla Baig Project student (MSc)
Mirza Shafiulla Baig Project Student (M.Sc)
Venkat Giri Magupalli Project Student (M.Sc)
Naveen Kumar Bhatraju Project Student (M.Sc)
P. Devadanam Project Student (M.Sc)
Lalita Kota Project Student (M.Sc)
E. Mahesh Project Student (M.Sc)
Gajella Srinivas Project Student (M.Sc)
Dilip Kumar Project Student (M.Sc)
Naresh Kumar Hanchate Project Student (M.Sc)
Karli Geethanjali Project Student (M.Sc)
Kughato Achumi Project Student (M.Sc)
Rajeev Gupta Project Student (M.Sc)
Jitendra Kumar Sahoo Project Student (M.Sc)
Sumeer Razdan Project Student (M.Sc)
T.Narasimha Swamy Project Student (M.Sc)
A. Ravi Chandra Project Student (M.Sc)
Venkat Rao Vantau Project Student (M.Sc)
Ranjeet Kumar Project Student (M.Sc)
S. Mastan Babu Project Student (M.Sc)
Swati Shrivastava Project Student (M.Sc)
U. Shanthi Sri Project Student (M.Sc)
A Silpa Project Student (M.Sc)
Ravinder Kandi Project Student (M.Sc)
Runa Kuley Project Student (M.Sc)
Sravan kumar Menda Project Student (M.Sc)
M.G Chandana Project Student (M.Sc)
B. Nagaraju Project Student (M.Sc)
Ashok Project Student (M.Sc)
Pratibha Project Student (M.Sc)
Sumana Mandal Project Student (M.Sc)
Meenakshi VK.C Project Student (M.Sc)
G. Chanakya Project Student (M.Sc)
E. Bindu Rani Project Student (M.Sc)
Somjeet Project Student (M.Sc)
Kalyani Rajendra Aswale Project Student (M.Sc)
Violina Talukdar Project Student (M.Sc)
Kalyani D PhD Scholar
Kapil M. Shah PhD Scholar
Mareddy Yallamanda Reddy PhD Scholar
Anumodh Pazhoor Mammen PhD Scholar
Dileep kumar Reddy PhD Scholar
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