Faculty Details

Faculty Details

  • Name: Dr. Mohd. Akif
  • Mail: masluohyd.ernet.in
  • Contact: 040-2313 4529
  • Area Of Research:Protein Science, Structural Biology, Crystallography, Protein Interaction, Structural Vaccinology

Professional Experiences:

1.      Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry, University of Hyderabad, 2011 to present

2.      Postdoctoral Research Officer, University of Bath, UK, 2008-2011

3.      Research Associate, Centre of DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics, Hyderabad, 2007-2008


1.      Ph.D, 2008, from Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics, Hyderabad (Mentor: Dr. Shekhar C. Mande),  Ph.D thesis title: Structural and Functional studies of Mycobacterium tuberculosis thioredoxin system

2.      M.Sc. Biotechnology. Aligarh Muslim University

Teaching Subjects:

1.      Biophysical Chemistry, Structural Biology at Master level

2.      Structure and Function of Macromolecules, Chemistry and Physics in Biology at undergraduate level

3.      X-ray Crystallography in PhD course work

Professional Recognition/ Award/ Prize/ Certificate, Fellowship:

Awarded Indo-US Raman Fellowship 2014-15

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2 2. Faisal SM, Varma VP, Subathra M, Azam S, Sunkara AK, Akif M, Baig MS, Chang YF. (2016) , Leptospira surface adhesin (Lsa21) induces Toll like receptor 2 and 4 mediated inflammatory responses in macrophages. , Scientific Report, Nature Publishing group,6,39530,IF - 4.1.
1 3. Swastik Phulera, Mohd. Akif, Abhijit A. Sardesai and Shekhar C. Mande. (2014) , Redox Proteins of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. , Journal of the Indian Institute of Science,, IISc,94,127-137,IF - 0.86.