Faculty Details

Faculty Details

  • Name: Dr. Insaf Ahmed Qureshi
  • Mail: insafuohyd.ac.in
  • Contact: 040-23134588
  • Area Of Research:Protein Biochemistry and Structural Biology
Dr. Qureshi’s laboratory at UoH is working on to understand the role of various proteins involved in phosphorylation and protein degradation in leishmaniasis through structural and functional approaches and further translate these findings towards the development of novel therapeutics to treat neglected disease like kala-azar.
Dr. Qureshi has published more than 75 research papers in international and national journals, and his group has received extramural research grants from various funding agencies like SERB, ICMR, CSIR etc. Notably, his two PhD students have received the prestigious Prime Minister's Research Fellowship (PMRF). He has been the recipient of several awards and fellowships including ICMR Award (2010), Indo-US Raman Fellowship (2014), ICMR International Fellowship (2018) etc. He has been elected as Fellow, Telangana Academy of Sciences, and is also conferred with the life membership by National Academy of Sciences, India (NASI) and National Academy of Medical Sciences (NAMS).

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Students/Projects Trainees

Name Joined As Mail Contact
J. Pranay PhD Scholar-PMRF pranay.jakkula179@gmail.com ---
Janish Kumar PhD Scholar janishkumarsvc@gmail.com ---
Jyotisha PhD Scholar-PMRF joyti.94@gmail.com ---
Fouzia Nasim PhD Scholar 16ltpm02@uohyd.ac.in ---

Former Students/Projects Trainees

Name Joined As Working
Santhosh Gatreddi PhD Scholar Postdoctoral Fellow in Michigan State University, USA
Sayanna Are PhD Scholar Postdoctoral Fellow in University of California, Irvine, USA
Saleem Yousuf Bhat PhD Scholar Postdoctoral Fellow in USA
B. Narsimulu PhD Scholar Postdoctoral Fellow in University of California, Riverside, USA
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Title Year Duration Amount(In Lakhs) PI/I
Comprehensive proteomics approach to characterize the leishmanial proteins as targets for novel therapeutics 2023 3 5900000 Insaf Ahmed Qureshi
Evaluation of M32 metallocarboxypeptidases for the development of therapeutics against leishmanial parasites 2021 3 4950000 Insaf Ahmed Qureshi
In vivo validation of membrane acid phosphatase as a vaccine candidate against leishmanial parasites 2020 3 3050000 Insaf Ahmed Qureshi
Structural and functional studies of glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase and 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase to understand their role in leishmaniasis 2018 3 4030000 Insaf Ahmed Qureshi
Understanding the role of aminopeptidases in leishmaniasis through structural and functional studies 2017 3 200000 Insaf Ahmed Qureshi
Elucidate the biochemical role of Protein-Protein interaction in the post-transcriptional regulations 2015 1 3500000 Insaf Ahmed Qureshi
Expression, purification and crystallographic studies of protein kinases from Plasmodium falciparum 2012 3 2490000 Insaf Ahmed Qureshi
Identification, purification and characterization of protein phosphatases PP1 from Leishmania donovani 2012 3 740000 Insaf Ahmed Qureshi
Crystallographic study of casein kinase as structural-based target against malaria 2012 1 300000 Insaf Ahmed Qureshi