Faculty Details

Faculty Details

  • Name: Prof. Rameshwar P Sharma (Honorary Professor)
  • Mail: rameshwar.sharmagmail.com
  • Contact: 040-23134770
  • Area Of Research:Plant Development Biology
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Students/Projects Trainees

Name Joined As Mail Contact
Mr. Vikas Singh PhD Research Scholar --- ---
Dr. Neha Gupta Postdoctoral associate --- ---
Dr. Kapil Sharma Postdoctoral associate --- ---
Dr. Amita Yadav Postdoctoral associate --- ---
Dr. V Satyavati Postdoctoral associate --- ---
Dr. Anulina Manna Postdoctoral associate --- ---
Dr. Mridula Singh Postdoctoral associate --- ---

Former Students/Projects Trainees

Name Joined As Working
Dr. J. Papa Rao Postdoctoral Associate Research Scientist, New Zealand
Dr. K. Subbaramaiah Postdoctoral associate Professor, New York, USA
Dr. A. Dattatreya Sarma Postdoctoral associate Scientist, Santha Biotech, Hyderabad
Dr. K.V. Goud Postdoctoral associate Research Scientist, Detroit, USA
Dr. Rupali Datta Postdoctoral associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Michigan Technological University
Dr. Sangeeta Negi Postdoctoral associate Research Associate, Winston-Salem, USA
Dr. P. Janila Postdoctoral associate Scientist, ICRISAT Hyderabad
Dr. Y. Sreelakshmi Postdoctoral associate Assistant Professor, University of Hyderabad
Dr. R. K. Behera Postdoctoral associate Reader, FM University, Orissa
Dr. G. Pavan Kumar Postdoctoral associate Senior Principal Scientist, Biotech Lab Nuziveedu Seeds Limited
Dr. Lal Ahmed Postdoctoral associate ssociate Professor, Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, ADVANCED PG CENTER, Acharya NG Ranga Agricultural University LAM, GUNTUR
Dr. Zeenath Fathima Postdoctoral associate Lecturer, Jubail, Saudi Arabia
Dr. Rajeswari Srinivasan Postdoctoral associate Research Scientist, ITC, Hyderabad
Dr. Madhusmita Panigrahy Postdoctoral associate DRR Hyderabad
Dr. Wricha Tyagi Postdoctoral associate Associate Professor, CAU, Barapani
Dr. Zakir Hussain Postdoctoral associate JK Agri-genetics, Hyderabad
Dr. Vineeta Chauhan Postdoctoral associate Senior Scientist, Molecular Breeding, Tierra Seed Science Pvt. Ltd.
Dr. Sanjoy Sadhukhan Postdoctoral associate
Dr. K. Sakthivel Postdoctoral associate Lecturer, TNAU, Tamilnadu
Dr. Soni Gupta Postdoctoral associate Pool Officer, CMAP Lucknow
Dr. P Osman Basha Postdoctoral associate Lecturer, Yogi Vemana University, Kadapa
Dr. P Santhisree Postdoctoral associate
Dr. Roopa Banerjee Postdoctoral associate
Dr. Arun Pandey Postdoctoral associate Assistant Professor, College of Life Science, China Jilinag University (CJLU) Zhejiang, Hangzhou 310018 R.P.China
Dr. Sulabha Sharma Postdoctoral associate
Dr. Bharthi Malhotra Postdoctoral associate
Dr. Vajir Tamboli Postdoctoral associate
Dr. Suresh Gupta Postdoctoral associate Postdoctoral Fellow (Visiting Scientist), Dr.Tzahi Arazi Lab, Department of Ornamental Plants and Agricultural Biotechnology,Institute of Plant Sciences ARO, Volcani Center, Israel.
Dr. Alka Kumari Postdoctoral associate
Dr. Kamal Tyagi Postdoctoral associate Postdoctoral fellow, viticulture and enology department, UC Davis
Dr. Pallawi Upadhyaya Postdoctoral associate
Dr. Rakesh Gupta Postdoctoral associate Assistant Professor, Central University of Karnataka
DK Sameera Postdoctoral associate
Dr. Nidhi Thakur Postdoctoral associate Post doctoral researcher in Science technology policy (DST-STI fellow), IIT, Delhi
Dr. Sumit Kumar Postdoctoral associate
Dr. Narasimha Rao Postdoctoral associate Senior Scientist, Chemveda Life Sciences India Pvt Ltd.
Ms. S. Hymavathi PhD Research Scholar
Ms. Sanchari Sarkar Research Associate
Ms. P Rachna Research Associate
Dr. Prateek Gupta Research Associate
Ch. V. Madhavi Sumanga M.Phil.
Rupali Datta M.Phil.
Anju Singh M.Phil.
Rachna Bhatia M.Phil.
K. Subbaramaiah PhD Research Scholar Professor, New York, USA
V. Alivelu Manga PhD Research Scholar Associate Professor (Retd) Bhavan's New Science College Hyderabad
K.V. Subbarao PhD Research Scholar Country Manager, Pro Agro Seed Company, Hyderabad
B. Sangeetha PhD Research Scholar Reader, Saint Anns College for Women, Hyderabad
K.J.M. Vally PhD Research Scholar Group Leader, Biologics III, Catalent Pharma Solutions, Kansas City, MO
K.V. Goud PhD Research Scholar
Rupali Datta PhD Research Scholar
M Tamil Selvi PhD Research Scholar Consultant and Internal auditor for Clinical Trials, Medical Devices (ISO 13485), Diagnostic Laboratory ISO 15189), Hospitals (NABH), GLP, GCP and ISO 9001:2015 and TOT (trainer of trainer) in medical devices.
Arif Saeed Aqlan Al-Hammadi PhD Research Scholar
A Srinivas PhD Research Scholar
M Kavitha Kumari PhD Research Scholar
M Satya Sharada PhD Research Scholar Deputy Collector, AP Government
Eros Kharshiing PhD Research Scholar Assistant Professor, St. Edmund's College, Meghalaya, India.
P. Santhisree PhD Research Scholar
Sherinmol Thomas PhD Research Scholar
Hanjabam Mickey PhD Research Scholar Senior Quality Control Executive OMICS International Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad
Suresh Kumar Gupta PhD Research Scholar Postdoctoral Fellow (Visiting Scientist), Dr.Tzahi Arazi Lab, Department of Ornamental Plants and Agricultural Biotechnology,Institute of Plant Sciences ARO, Volcani Center, Israel.
Vijee Mohan PhD Research Scholar Research specialist, University of North Texas, Department of Biological Sciences, Prof. Jyoti Shah's Lab.
N Sapana Devi PhD Research Scholar
Supriya Sarma PhD Research Scholar
Pallawi Upadhayaya PhD Research Scholar
P Rachana PhD Research Scholar
No Records Found
Title Year Duration Amount(In Lakhs) PI/I
Non-transgenic crop improvement of grain amaranth (A. hypochandriacus) for determinate growth, enhanced seed yield and oil by establishment of TILLING by sequencing platform 2019 3 410000000000 Prof. R. P. Sharma
Program Support on Genome Engineering of Tomato 2016 5 4170000000000 Prof. R. P. Sharma
Genome wide screen for tomato mutants by TILLING- Phase-II 2014 5 2700000000000 Prof. R. P. Sharma
Biofortification of tomato by targeted manipulation of the biosynthetic pathways 2011 8 13800000000000 Prof. R. P. Sharma
Sequence-Indexed Library of Insertion Mutations in the Tomato Genome 2010 5 2530000000000 Prof. R. P. Sharma
International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, Austria project entitled “Search for Hypermutable Lines of Tomato by TILLING and EcoTILLING” 2009 6 340000000000 Prof. R. P. Sharma
Genetic manipulation of tomato for improvement in shelf life of fruits 2005 5 550000000000 Prof. R. P. Sharma
Genome wide screen for tomato mutants by TILLING 2005 5 3650000000000 Prof. R. P. Sharma
Developmental regulation and functional analysis of PIN proteins in polycotyledon mutant of tomato 2004 3 47700000000 Prof. R. P. Sharma
Molecular-genetic analysis of pattern formation in polycotyledon mutant of tomato 2004 4 18000000000 Prof. R. P. Sharma
Functional genomics of tomato: Induced mutations as tool for manipulating fruit ripening 2003 4 200000000000 Prof. R. P. Sharma
International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, Austria project entitled Evaluation of effect of gamma radiation on targeted DNA sequence in tomato mutants. 2003 7 190000000000 Prof. R. P. Sharma
Molecular Analysis and Characterization of Phototropic Mutants of Tomato 2002 4 240000000000 Prof. R. P. Sharma
Genetic and physical localization of the polycotyledon1 gene (poc) in tomato 2001 4 27100000000 Prof. R. P. Sharma
Molecular-genetic characterization of the cotyledon morphogenesis using tomato mutants 1999 4 110000000000 Prof. R. P. Sharma
International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, Austria project entitled “Isolation and 1999 5 190000000000 Prof. R. P. Sharma
Volkswagen Foundation, Hanover, Germany. In Collaboration with University of Freiburg, Germany, Light-induced formation of components for protection against UV-B light in plants 1996 3 400000000000 Prof. R. P. Sharma
Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Bonn, Germany 1995 1 18000000000 Prof. R. P. Sharma
Analysis of photoperception and signal transmission in photomorphogenic mutants of higher plants 1995 4 265000000000 Prof. R. P. Sharma
Developmental gradients and photoregulation of enzymes in monocot leaves 1995 4 70000000000 Prof. R. P. Sharma
Third World Academy of Sciences 1993 1 1500000000 Prof. R. P. Sharma
Regulation and role of leaf amylases in cereals 1993 4 15000000000 Prof. R. P. Sharma
Isolation and characterization of phytochrome from green plant tissues 1990 3 54000000000 Prof. R. P. Sharma
Studies on Photoregulation and role of beta-amylase enzyme in photomorphogenesis of mustard cotyledon 1986 3 17000000000 Prof. R. P. Sharma
Phytochrome regulation of membrane properties in higher plants 1984 3 70700000000 Prof. R. P. Sharma
Dissection of signal chain involved in phytochrome regulation of beta-amylase activity in mustard cotyledons 1983 4 23000000000 Prof. R. P. Sharma
Investigation on the mechanism of action of phytochrome in regulation of enzyme activity in higher plants 1982 3 8000000000 Prof. R. P. Sharma