Proteomics Facility

Proteomics Facility

The proteomics facility was established during 2008.

The facility was funded by DBT-CREBB


The mission of our Proteomics Facility is to provide protein analysis services along with consultation not only for University of Hyderabad community at large, but also for other academia, research organizations and industries. The facility routinely conducts training and workshops for faculty & students apart from refresher courses for degree college lecturers every year. Proteomics facility is equipped with state of the art mass spectrometers; MALDI TOF/TOF and ESI-LCMS Q-TOF.The facility is equipped with robust bioinformatics tools to identify and characterize proteins. The facility has been upgraded with the latest Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) system for protein-protein, protein-small molecules and protein nucleic acid interactions.

Services offered:

Our services include protein identification and protein quantitation from a wide variety of sample types, from simple mixtures (gel spots and bands) to complex mixtures (protein complexes, cell lysates, and plasma). Our principal approach for the analysis of proteins is 'bottom-up' proteomics, where all proteins are proteolytically digested, producing peptide surrogates (signature peptides) of the original proteins. Protein or peptide molecular weight determination by MALDI TOF/TOF or LCMS-ESI Q TOF.

Instruments available in Proteomics Facility:

  1. MALDI TOF/TOF-AutoflexIII smart beam , Bruker Daltonics
  2. ESI Q-TOF-LCMS/MS-microTOFq , Bruker Daltonics
  3. Analytical HPLC, Agilent Technologies
  4. Surface Plasmon Resonance SPR-Biacore T200, GE- Healthcare
  5. Iso-electric focusing Ettan IPG phor3, GE- Healthcare
  6. EttanDalt six vertical gel electrophoresis units with multi temp III cooling system and power supply, GE- Healthcare
  7. MiniVE Vertical gel electrophoresis system, Amersham Biosciences
  8. Hoefer SE 600 Ruby Vertical gel electrophoresis system Amersham Biosciences
  9. Typhoon Trio + Variable mode Imager scanner, GE- Healthcare
  10. Image Scanner for gels, GE- Healthcare
  11. Ettan Spot Picker, Amersham Biosciences
  12. Akta Pilot at Protein Purification Facility, GE- Healthcare
  13. Filtration Unit at Protein Purification Facility, GE- Healthcare

Software available:

  1. Differential analysis DeCyder2D vr 7.0, GE- Healthcare
  2. Image Master 2D Platinum IMP vr 6.0 and vr7.0 GE- Healthcare
  3. IQTL vr7.0 GE- Healthcare
  4. Biotools vr 3.1,Bruker Daltonics
  5. Mascot Server (protein identification).

We provide the following Proteomics services (on payment basis):

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