Faculty Details

Faculty Details

  • Name: Prof. Sreenivasulu Yelam
  • Mail: sreeyelamuohyd.ac.in
  • Contact: 040 2313 4515
  • Area Of Research:Plant Reproductive Developmental Biology

Prof. Yelam Sreenivasulu obtained his master degree in Plant Sciences from Vikram University and secured GOLD MEDAL, and also obtained his M.Phil and Ph.D degrees from the same university. Prof. Sreenivasulu has more than 22 years of research experience in Plant Proteomics, Plant Transgenics, Plant Genomics and Plant Reproductive Developmental Biology.

Lab interest:

The plant life cycle alternates between a diploid sporophyte and a haploid gametophyte generation. Sporophytes to gametophyte transition, control of gametogenesis and gamete cell specification are the important open questions in plant reproductive biology. Prof. Sreenivasulu lab interest is to understand the molecular mechanisms that coordinate the mitotic-to-meiotic and meiotic-to-mitotic transitions and cell specification during the gametophyte development in Arabidopsis. The findings will provide important leads for developing new methods for fixation of hybrid vigour in plants.

Prof. Sreenivasulu has guided 5 students towards their PhDs and 17 students for their M.Sc. projects. At present, four PhD students and two Post-Doctoral Fellows (One SERB-NPDF and One Kothari Fellow) are working in his group. Currently, his lab research activities are supported by the grants from the DST-SERB and IoE (UoH). 


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Students/Projects Trainees

Name Joined As Mail Contact
Dr. P. Malathi Kothari Post-Doctoral Fellow --- ---
S. Mahesh PhD student (CSIR-JRF) --- ---
Mukesh Kumar PhD student --- ---
Poonam Bala PhD student (CSIR-JRF) --- ---
D.Hemalatha PhD student --- ---
Anushka Dutta Project JRF --- ---

Former Students/Projects Trainees

Name Joined As Working
Dr. S. Rama Devi SERB-NPDF As Assistant Professor at Sambalpur University, Sambalpur, Odisha
Dr. A. Venkateswara Rao SERB-NPDF
25 Sharma, P., Kumar, V., Singh, S.K., Thakur, S., Siwach, P., Sreenivasulu, Y., Srinivasan, R., Bhat, S.R. (2017) , Promoter Trapping and deletion analysis show Arabidopsis thaliana APETALA2 gene promoter is bidirectional and functions as a pollen and ovule-specific promoter in the reverse orientation , Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, ,182,,1591–1604.
24 Singh, S.K, Kumar, V., Srinivasan, R., Ahuja, P.S., Bhat, S.R., Sreenivasulu, Y* (2017) , The TRAF Mediated Gametogenesis Progression (TRAMGaP) gene is required for Megaspore Mother Cell specification and gametophyte development , Plant Physiology, ,175,,1220–1237.
23 • Pratibha, P., Singh, S.K., Srinivasan, R., Bhat, S.R., Sreenivasulu, Y*. (2017) , Gametophyte development needs mitochondrial Coproporphyrinogen III Oxidase function , Plant Physiology, ,174,,258-275.
22 Dogra, V., Sharma, R., Sreenivasulu, Y* (2016) , Xyloglucan endo-transglycosylase/hydrolase (XET/H) gene is expressed during the seed germination in Podophyllum hexandrum: a high altitude Himalayan plant , Planta, ,244,,505-515.
21 Dogra, V., Bagler, G and Sreenivasulu, Y* (2015) , Re- analysis of protein data reveals the germination pathway and up accumulation mechanism of cell wall hydrolases during the radical protrusion step of seed germination in Podophyllum hexandrum – a high altitude plant , Frontiers in Plant Science, ,6,,874.
20 Sharma, I., Srinivasan, R., Ahuja, P.S., Bhat, S.R., Sreenivasulu, Y*. (2015) , Identification and characterization of a T-DNA promoter trap line of Arabidopsis thaliana uncovers an embryo sac specific bi-directional promoter , Plant Molecular Biology Reporter, ,33,,1404-1412.
19 Kaur, D., Dogra, V., Thapa, P., Bhattacharya, A., Sood, A., Sreenivasulu, Y*. (2015) , In vitro flowering associated protein changes in Dendrocalamus hamiltonii. (Published as journal’s cover page article) , Proteomics, ,15,,1291–1306.
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16 Shafi, A., Dogra, V., Gill, T., Ahuja, P.S., Sreenivasulu, Y*. (2014) , Simultaneous over-expression of PaSOD and RaAPX in transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana confers cold stress tolerance through increase in vascular lignifications , PLoS ONE, ,9,,e110302.
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1 Sreenivasulu, Y. and Amritphale, D. (1998) , Chemical stimulation of germination and membrane fluidity change in secondarily dormant cucumber seeds. , Current Science , ,75,,1396-1399.
Title Year Duration Amount(In Lakhs) PI/I
Epigenetic regulation of gene expression by chromatin supercoiling: Implications in neuronal development and disease 2023 3 Years 62.5 PI
Elucidation of TRAMGaP mediated Germline Specification and Subsequent Gametophyte Development Mechanism in Arabidopsis 2022 3 751900000000 PI
Unravelling molecular mechanism governing cell differentiation/specification in embryo sacs of Arabidopsis 2020 3 470000000000 PI
Development and application of high-resolution chromatin interaction method for characterization of long-range chromatin interactions in the Eukaryotic system 2014 3 Years 25.9 Sreenivasulu Kurukuti
Imparting drought stress-tolerance to crop plants by heterologous transfer of high altitude plant protection mechanisms 2012 3 4624100000000 Co-PI
Development of production system for tea polyphenols and their condensed products 2008 2 1429600000000 Co-PI
Bioprospecting Himalayan Bioresources through transgenic and neutraceutical technology 2008 3 1732700000000 Co-PI
Unraveling molecular processes involved in adventive polyembryony towards genetic engineering for fixation of heterosis 2007 7 2001500000000 PI
Morphological and Molecular Characterization of Reproductive Development of Podophyllum hexandrum Royle for improvement of seed quality 2004 3 103200000000 PI

Title of the Course: Physiological Processes; Course Code: SB 354; Integrated M.Sc. Systems Biology

Title of the Course: Developmental Biology; Course Code: SB 353; Integrated M.Sc. Systems Biology

Title of the Course: Plant Physiology; Course Code: PB 502; M.Sc. Plant Biology and Biotechnology