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Department of Biotechnology

Centre for Microbial Informatics

School of Life Sciences, University of Hyderabad


INDIA with its diverse populations, climatic conditions, environments and associated habitats, could be considered as a mini Earth , forming a hotspot for the exploration of bacterial genomes and metagenomes.
DBT-CMI is an integrated "one-stop-portal" for niche-specific microbial informatics of India with information on the biotechnological potential of microbes. This portal will be a hub for scientists, industry and policymakers to develop sustainable microbial technologies required for the nation. Availability of such a gamut of information will help in:

  • the use of microbes in agriculture for enhancing crop production is an emerging alternative to chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Microbiome analysis centre to support in interpretation of the sequencing data pertaining to plants and soil specifically to understand the ecological aspects, molecular interactions with respect to microbiome function.
  • understanding rhizosphere microbial dynamics and their implications in plant health and yield can be assessed for sustainable agriculture. Similarly microbiome analysis for seeds would unlock doors for microbiome assisted breeding strategies towards nutrition enhanced foods.
  • the microbiome studies specifically targeted toward evaluation for pathogen screening studies, dynamics of artificial syn-communities to improve the yield of plants, inter-cropping studies, pesticide and fertilizer effect on the natural crop land ecosystems etc.


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