Services & Facilities

Flow Cytometry (FACS) Facility

The flow Cytometry facility at the Department of Animal Biology was established with funds provided under DST-FIST program. The facility houses three FACS instruments namely:-

  1. Bench top BD LSR Fortessa Flow Cytometry system
  2. Bench top BD FACS Aria-III System and
  3. FACS Calibur Flow Cytometry system

This facility is open for all the research across the university, other academic research institutes and industries and the instruments are being used extensively

User Charges

FACS Acquisition Service Booking:
  1. For users of University of Hyderabad:Rs.500/- per Hour
  2. For users of other Academic & research institutions:Rs.1000/-per Hour
  3. For users from Industries:Rs.1500/- per Hour

Other Facilities