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Confocal Laser Microscope Facility

Company: Carl Zeiss
Model: NLO 710
Software: ZEN 2010
Laser attached (absorption in nm): 458,488,543,633 and multi-photon laser (780-1000 nm).
Studies Undertaken: Localization, Co-localization, Staining properties, Z-Scan, 3D image development, Optical sectioning, FRAP studies, FRET studies and Lambda detection.
Samples worked with: Fluorescent stained, auto fluorescent animal and plant cell lines (both fixed and suspensions). Tissue sections, whole brain mounts of insects, powders and drop castings of chemical compounds, fluorescent studies of Laser etched metals and powder compounds.

User Charges:

Charges based on number of slots used where one and a half hour is considered as one slot.

  1. Students of UOH: Rs.500/- per slot.
  2. Students from other educational institutions: Rs.1000/- per slot.
  3. Persons from companies: Rs.2000/- per slot.

Note: Prior booking slots is mandatory by the user

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